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Jebel Ali Free Zone is the world’s largest and has become home to more than 6000 companies since it was established in 1985. With such a large presence, Jebeli Ali Free Zone is a leader within the UAE economy and continually promotes innovation, developed operations and a dynamic business environment.

The focus is on forming global relationships and as such, Jebel Ali Free Zone provides companies with a strong infrastructure and all the incentives of establishing business in a free zone, making it an attractive location for internationally focused organisations.

Jebel Ali Free Zone offers a range of additional benefits for companies establishing themselves in this region, including 100% foreign ownership, no corporate or income tax and no employment or currency restrictions.

Benefits of setting up a Company in JAFZA Free Zone:
  • 100% foreign ownership
  • No corporate tax - for a period of 50 years, a concession that is renewable
  • No restrictions imposed on repatriation of capital and profits
  • 0% import or re-export duties 
  • 0% personal income tax
  • No currency restrictions 
  • No restriction on hiring foreign employees
  • The facility to mortgage owned premises on leased land. A company established in the Free Zone that has built its own facility may mortgage its premises to any bank.

Company Set-up Process

1.       Choose your Company Type:
           I.            Free Zone Company (FZCO):

  •        Essentially a Limited Liability Company which means that the liability of the Company is limited to the assets of 

                the Company

  •        Personal assets of investors are protected and limited to the amount invested into the Company
  •        Minimum number of shareholders is 2 and maximum number is 25
  •        Shareholders can be either individual investors or corporate bodies or a combination of both

           II.            Free Zone Establishment (FZE):

  •        Formed by a single shareholder
  •        Shareholder can be either an individual person or a corporate body
  •        Essentially a Limited Liability Partnership which means the liability of the shareholder is limited to the assets of 

                the Company.

  •        Personal assets of the investor are protected and limited to the amount invested into the Company

           III.            Public Limited Company (PLC):

  •        Two or more shareholders
  •        Limited liability Company which means the liability of the Company is limited to its paid-up capital
  •        May invite the public to subscribe to its shares
  •        Shares must be listed on a Stock Exchange in accordance with the market rules and regulations

           IV.            Branch Company:

  •        Considered a legal entity of its parent entity
  •        Only companies established outside Jafza can establish a branch within Jafza
  •        Branch company should be wholly (100%) owned by the parent company, operate under the same name and 

                conduct the same business

2.       Decide your business activities:

  •        Trading – for trading activities
  •        Industrial – for manufacturing activities
  •        Service – for service activities
  •        E-commerce – to buying and selling goods and services over electronic networks
  •        National Industrial – for manufacturing activities where at least 51% of the ownership is of national(s) of a

​                AGCC country

  •        Innovation – development of new products and services
  •        Offshore Registration – establishment of offshore company with limited liability


3.       Choose a Company Name


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