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After its rapid expansion and globalization, United Arab Emirates has become one of the most attractive place in the world in terms of operations of business and residence.
There are three possible ways for obtaining residency in the UAE. Either through employment contract or by purchasing a property or even through Company registration in the jurisdiction.

1.      Obtaining residency through employment contract
It is the most commonly used way for foreign citizens to apply for residency. This can be done when foreign individuals start working for a company in Dubai or any other Emirate or when joining other family members who work and live in the UAE. Further to that, another way to obtain residency is when the foreign citizen is sponsored by a UAE national, when moving to the country.
All formalities related to working/employment visa obtainment shall be performed by the applicant’s employer. The duration of receiving such a visa is estimated at about 2-3 weeks.
Monthly income for expatriates sponsoring family members who would like to obtain a Dubai residence visa must be at least 3,000 AED, if the accommodation is provided by the employer, or at least 4,000 AED per month, in case that sponsor has his/her own property.
2.      Obtaining residency through purchasing a real estate
Residency visa can also be obtained by purchasing residential property in Dubai or any other Emirate. The property should be valued at least AED 1 million (approximately USD 275,000) and to be completed upon the purchase
The residence visa obtained through real estate investment has a two-year validity period and does not grant the right to work in the UAE.
3.      Obtaining residency through Company formation
Incorporation of your own company in the UAE is considered as one of the most popular ways of obtaining a residency visa.
It takes only few weeks to obtain the residency visa through company formation, the validity of which is three years and can be renewed.
Important to note that it is not necessary for the company to perform real activity, but instead its business may be purely formal.

We provide full support in getting residency in the UAE. The expected time upon the completion of the application is approximately 1 month or slightly longer. All the documentation required for the procedure will be coordinated by our professionals, who will be glad to deal with any questions you might have.
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